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  弊社は30年あまりに渡り,一貫してセンシングの応用と制御の受託開発を行ってきました.当初はFAに始まり後に量産品の受託開発を多数行ってきました. 近年は磁気応用に注力していて,磁界センサや電流センサの基礎技術から実用化まで開発しています.それらはニーズに応じて,高感度,高精度,低消費電力, 軽量,低コスト,高耐久性,など様々です.その一部を「技術紹介」で見ることができます.


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We entrusted the development of application and control of sensing, went more than 30 years.
Initially started from FA development, then was made a trustee development of mass-produced products.
In recent years, we are focused on magnetic application, have developed to practical application from the basic technology of the magnetic field sensor and the current sensor.
They depending on the needs, High sensitivity, High accuracy, Low power consumption, Light weight, Low cost, and High durability, a variety such as.
You can see the some in the page of "技術紹介"